Interviews with Rachel

Baltimore Magazine.

Rachel Rappaport started blogging four years ago to share her recipes with friends. Though she was trained as a school teacher, the 28-year-old Lauraville resident has a natural skill in the kitchen and a desire to let others in on her cooking secrets….

Each month, 100,000 unique visitors click over to see what she’s making. When she’s not typing up her recipes for things like her award winning tangerine dream cookies or pumpkin swirl brownies, she’s trying to respond to the approximately 100 e-mails readers send her each day. She has won numerous cooking and blogging awards and has been interviewed by major media outlets on everything from seasonal produce to recipe copyright laws.

November 2007 cover story in Style Magazine.

“Since 2004, Rappaport’s blog has become one of the top 20 food blogs in the nation, receiving about 50,000 visitors* each month and as many as 3,000 hits per day. People don’t visit to hear Rappaport wax poetic about a plum. They come because several times each week, she posts new, original recipes illustrated with food-porn quality photos. Hers is one of the few food blogs on the Web that features only original recipes. And there’s no pretentious foodspeak. She’s as down-to-earth as that other Rachael who cooks— her ingredients are mostly items you can pull from your cupboards and her recipes aren’t complicated or time-consuming— but not so annoyingly perky. “

McCormick’s 2010 Flavor Forecast live webcast

Electric Waist’s Daily Special 4/18/08.

WPYR’s Maryland Morning. Listen to the interview here.

Washington Post article about Smearcase

Gourmet Live interviewed Rachel about her blog.

Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia interviewed Rachel about her blog

Mentions  of Rachel and her blogs

Coconut & Limehas been featured in the Boston Globe, St. Petersburg Gazette, Seattle Weekly, Deseret Morning News, Mississippi’s Sun Herald, the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post. The News-Sentinel had a whole article about Coconut & Lime.

Washington Post website, Cooling off with Hot Food Writers.

The Boston Globe had this to say about Coconut & Lime “Talent for Asian cuisine, The “my thoughts” section of most entries is often useful.”

Featured on Slashfood, Blogher, eGullet, Tipnut TasteSpotting, Cupcakes Take the CakeFamily Oven, The Kitchn  FoodCandy, and has been Feedster’s feed of the day.

In the  July/August 2008 issue of Figure Magazine there is a a mention of Coconut & Lime and one of Rachel’s original recipes: blueberry-ginger granita.

The Washington Post’s food blog, All We Can Eat, featured Rachel’s apple cider doughnut recipe in a post about apple cider doughnuts and her Smearcase recipe in a feature about the dish

Reader Digest’s website featured Rachel’s Chipotle Hummus

The Cooking Channel blog featured Rachel’s Cincinnati Chili recipe loves Rachel’s S’mores cookies

iVillage featured Rachel’s Hawaiian-Style Pork Burgers

Whole Food’s Whole Story blog featuredRachel’s Fresh Cherry Mascarpone Waffles

The Food Network’s FN Dish food blog featured Rachel’s Zucchini-Carrot Bread

The Kitchn has featured Rachel’s Zydeco Beans, Balsamic Glazed Almonds, Lemongrass-Tofu Kabobs, Absinthe Cupcakes

Gourmet Live likes Rachel’s Pickles and Grilled Land and Sea Salad with Grilled Croutons

Canning Across America featured her Smokin’ Hot Pickled Okra, Grapefruit Segments in Star Anise & Vanilla Bean Syrup, Hot Pepper Pickled Asparagus and Spiced Pickled Cherries

Slashfood loves Rachel’s deviled eggs, Seven Spice Slaw, Smoked Salmon Cheese Ball, Butternut Squash Lasagna, Pear Butter, guacamole, Hawaiian Hamburger Rolls, Abstinthe Cupcakes, and Chocodiles

Many examples of Rachel’s food photography can be found on Tastespotting named Coconut & Lime one of the 14 best cooking blogs of the moment.


MSN’s named Coconut & Lime one of the top 50 food blogs in the world. Check out the whole list here.

Winner Best Original Recipes- 2006 Food Blog Awards

Winner2007 Halloween Bake Off- (winning entry-pumpkin cheesecake swirl brownies)

Lovely Leftovers Winner-”Whether they liked liver or not, our bloggers agreed that one of the best (and equally creative) uses for turkey we saw was the chopped turkey liverover at Coconut and Lime.” -Slashfood

Food Blog of the Week at This Mama Cooks “All recipes at Coconut & Lime are the original creations of the author. (How many of us food bloggers can say that?) The blog features great pictures in a clean and attractive blog design. The writing is excellent, especially the “My thoughts” feature where Rachel gives insight into her cooking experience.”

Featured Food Bloggerat

Dessert of the day at Desserts Magazine “Heart of Darkness Cheesecake”

Winner of the annual Baltimore Sun Cookie Contest for her recipe for Tangerine Dream Cookies in 2006.

2007  and 2008 Weblog Awards Finalist for best food blog.

One of Saveur Magazine’s Sites We Loveand was featured in their enewsletter

One of Top 10 Blogs Young Couples Should Read

One of nine finalists in the Pom Recipe Contest (pomegranate pulled pork with chipotle pomegranate barbecue sauce) watch the tasting here.

Finalist/Honorable mention in several The Kitchn recipe contests: Green Tomato Roasted Poblano Chili, Intensely Dark Chocolate Ice Box Cookies, Ovaline Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

*by April 2008 the average number of visitors climbed to over 90,000 per month.